Essential Resources for Erotic Images (Pinned Post)

This thread is a work in progress and will remain pinned; I intend to update it as I go. I invite anyone to share their own copyright free or creative commons image resources for fellow erotic bloggers so we don’t fall into the trap of copyright infringement. Continue reading “Essential Resources for Erotic Images (Pinned Post)”


Christmas is Cumming #3 (finale): Dessert

We finished our morning of passion and went to have breakfast with the visitors. That Christmas Day progressed pretty much as expected and my mid-afternoon following a sumptuous feast, we were all ready for the obligatory afternoon nap. Not us two, though. Before eating some Christmas Pudding, we decided to slip away for some other dessert. Continue reading “Christmas is Cumming #3 (finale): Dessert”

Christmas is Cumming #2: Couple Interrupted

Damn it! I thought. Here we were about to get our rocks in, and as already mentioned her erect nipple with mouth-wateringly close to my mouth. At the other end, she knelt on all fours slowly lowering herself towards me. My cock and her pussy lips were within aching reach. I was so hard, I could feel the blood pumping.

Continue reading “Christmas is Cumming #2: Couple Interrupted”

Christmas is Cumming #1: Something Christmassy This Way Cums

The radio came on and I startled into wakefulness and I look over at my lady love. Why isn’t she at work, is it the weekend? Oh yes, it’s Christmas Day! That explains why Slade is on the radio. I raised my hand to my forehead and wiped my eyes. She was lying there with her back to me, wearing a pair of comfy PJs. It was cold last night which is unusual for this part of the world. Continue reading “Christmas is Cumming #1: Something Christmassy This Way Cums”

Miserable Monday Morning With a Smile

Oh my, has it really been over a year since I published anything here? Yes, I do believe it is. 2018 has been a difficult year in many ways. Both my and my partner’s libido has been on the ebb for various reasons but we’re slowly getting back our sexy time. This is something I knocked together after a rather nice dream I had. Continue reading “Miserable Monday Morning With a Smile”

A First Date Idealised Part 1

‘I would like to see you again,’ I stated firmly, taking a sip of my coffee. There, I did it. My cards are firmly on the table as we waited in the bustling cafe of the railway station. We’d ordered two coffees and snatched the only table available. It was near the counter and on the major footway from the entrance to the toilet, so it wasn’t ideal. It was less than cosy but the Christmas Tree with its flashing lights – surprisingly ungaudy – added to the atmosphere. Continue reading “A First Date Idealised Part 1”

Tell Me Who She Is…

It may surprise some, but when I write erotica, I only ever imagine my partner in the scenes with me. She’d kill me if I didn’t… kidding! Honestly, there is nobody else I would rather imagine in these scenarios, even though we have sex for real. This is also about wishing women could see themselves through the eyes of the men who love them. Continue reading “Tell Me Who She Is…”