Show Me Your Flaws (Don’t Hide Them)

We all have things about our bodies that we think are unattractive, things we’d rather hide and cover up because we think when a new partner sees us naked for the first time it would put them off. This is a short piece about why my eyes are different from yours.

Show me your flaws as you perceive them. I want to see and absorb every inch of your body:

Show me your moles, freckles and blemishes – every little scar that a photographer would remove are marks of your uniqueness. I want to see them all and kiss every last one of them.

Show me your crooked tooth. It doesn’t ruin your smile, it enhances it. You look cute, and even a little cheeky.

Show me your wobbly toes. I love the way they wriggle when I massage your feet and the delighted squeal that passes from your lips.

Show me your fingers. You call them “sausages” but that thought is far from my mind when I feel them glide over my body, tickling my belly and massaging my back and buttocks.

Show me your arms that you say could be thinner. I don’t think that when I watch you move them with feline grace or feel you wrap them around me.

Show me your belly. You think it’s unsightly for not being a washboard, but there is no greater feeling in the world than the soft skin I feel when I put my hand on it. Let me kiss and lick your belly button as my naked form moves slowly up to meet yours, taking in the contours of your shape, my mouth yearning for your breasts, your neck, your mouth.

Show me your bum that you say sticks out too much. Let me massage and caress it beneath my warm fingers. Let me work my hands up your back into that small curve and back down again, feeling your body rise to meet my hands.

Show me your breasts that you worry will sag. Show me your hips that you say stick out and let me proclaim “hourglass figure” with a smile and feel like the luckiest man in the world.

I am not thinking of your cellulite when we spoon and I’m behind you, teasing your sensitive inner thigh with my hand, stroking and caressing. You respond with “oh God, don’t stop!” You say you want a thigh gap, but the gap between your thighs feels divine when I am lying between them, our bodies pressed together in lust.

When I want you, I see no flaws, only your perfection.

Copyright GetWETBlog 2015


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