Your Mouth All Over Me

There’s something highly erotic about a woman who knows how to use her mouth on a man’s body and is enthusiastic about pleasuring him. Personally, I am at your mercy when your mouth is on me. I turn into a quivering wreck.

Run your kisses across my belly and I am yours. The feeling of the soft, warm moistness of your mouth on my skin is enough to elicit gasps of satisfaction. Use your tongue to explore the crevice of my belly button and watch my knees go weak.  Tease me with your lips and mouth on my lower belly, just above my pubic hair. Feel my abdomen spasm and hear my gasps but don’t stop.

Kiss the inside of my thigh, small, quick pecks along the length of my leg. Come back up to me slowly, I want to feel your mouth all over me. Get close to my cock but kiss teasingly around it; look in my eyes while you do it and give me a mischievous smile. Oh my darling, if I’m not quivering by now, I soon will be! Lift my leg and kiss my shins; work your way round to the back of my knee. The flesh there too yearns for your mouth.My chest too yearns for your mouth; as I breathe long and deep, lower your body to me so I can take in the scent of you. Place your mouth on my nipple and suck gently, dance your tongue playfully over the sensitive flesh. When I can take no more, pull back. Kiss the cleft in the centre of my chest, let my breathing subside and move to my other nipple. I want to feel that intensity again.

Kiss my neck and feel me tingle. Gently bite the soft skin above my collarbone and I will gasp; nibble my earlobe and watch me turn to jelly. Those pins and needles are divine.

I am at your mercy.

Slide your body back along mine, brush my neck, my chest, my belly and my abdomen with your lips. Kiss teasingly around my crotch. Give me a knowing smile as you delicately lift my penis and peel back my foreskin, taking in the sight of my growing erection.

Hold me firmly in your hand and delicately lick the tip; let me feel every inch of your tongue circle me. Teasingly place your mouth over my glans and quickly draw your mouth upwards. I will gasp and beg you to do it again. You’ll give me a cheeky smile and oblige. Kiss along the length of my shaft, small nibbles from base to tip. Up one side and down the other, nursing me to full erection. Lick my shaft, kiss it, stroke it, let the moistness of your lips cover it and then finally, envelope me with your hot, glistening mouth.

Let me feel every inch of me enter your mouth.

Let me feel every suckle.

Let me feel every moan from deep inside you.

Let me feel your mouth glide up and down, slowly and firmly. No words can describe the ecstasy of when you suck your cheeks in and draw upwards. Lower your head once more and let me feel that slow re-entry as you take my fullness inside you.

Let me empty inside you as orgasm washes over me. Let me feel every spurt, every spasm as I gasp and groan; let me feel your mouth accept it hungrily.

All this and I am yours.

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6 thoughts on “Your Mouth All Over Me

  1. I’m impressed to discover that you’re a newbie at flash erotica, although being a non-pervy writer for the remaining days of the week might well be a dead giveaway. 🙂 Either way, I’m enjoying what I’m reading here. A lot.

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