A Bit More About Me

Welcome to my outlet for erotic writing. This blog has been going for a couple of weeks now and I’ve posted some work that a few readers already appear to be enjoying. Thank you, and do please continue to come back, read and offer your feedback. Everybody is welcome here as I grow into my personal erotic style!

I am a writer, 40 years old, male. I sometimes dabble in erotic writing and this is where I share that work. You will find my tastes are quite vanilla, so if you came here looking for BDSM or yet another cheap 50 Shades of Grey rip off, you will be disappointed. My tastes are vanilla and heterosexual but no less intense for it and certainly not run of the mill. I write for myself and anybody else who might find my style, tone and settings appealing.

To keep my mainstream writing separate from my erotic exploration, I write anonymously here. I may self-publish some work reflecting this side of my creativity in futureĀ or I may not. I have yet to decide and much to think about.

As I grow into this blog, I expect to write some non-fiction pieces to include humour, coverage of the Bad Sex Awards, examples of what makes good and bad sex scenes and anything else related to erotic writing.

For now, I intend to post one piece of erotic writing every week: flash fiction, short stories, single scenes, poetry. Other content will be sporadic so keep an eye out for new stuff!


Having a sexy time? Please share your thoughts below

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