I was nervous at the first sex scene I ever wrote for my girlfriend. We hadn’t been together long and I had barely written any sex scenes, let alone any with us as the starring couple. This is a shorter version of the scene I sent her. Enjoy this for your extended Bank Holiday Weekend!


With a coy half-smile, you close the door and glide to the bottom of the bed, never removing your gaze from mine. With a flick of the hair, you turn your back to me and put your hands on your side, slowly sliding your skirt down over your hips.

You know I am watching, nobody can take that long to remove a skirt. Slowly, deliberately, you push down first the petticoat, the left stocking and then the right – your thighs, milky white, spread apart and I take in the full roundness of your buttocks.

You turn around and spread your arms wide. ‘Do you like?’ you purr

‘I don’t know what I like most, the underwear or what’s underneath!’

You climb onto the bed and crawl along it on all fours, lying down next to me. My hand immediately goes to your hip and I run my fingers over the curve and down the outside of your thigh, stopping just above the knee; you wriggle seductively and move closer.

My arm slips around to your back and I immediately move my mouth to your neck, small kisses up the length of the soft flesh. I nibble your earlobe and work my way down again, gently and teasingly tugging at your bra strap.

I slide my hand down your side, around your back and bring it to rest on your buttock. Your legs part and you wrap your leg across mine. I moan approvingly and you slide your calf up the back of my thigh with a flirty smile on your face.

‘You like that?’

‘How can you tell?’

You roll onto your back, encouraging me to climb on top of you.

You wrap your arms tight around me and pull me down to press our bodies together. My legs slip between yours and you instinctively wrap them around mine, moving your hands to my buttocks – one in each hand. You give them a gentle squeeze. ‘And I know you like that.’

You little tease!’

I slide off your bra, letting the straps trickle down your shoulders and finally cast it aside. My kisses move across your chest. You gasp and your body arches upward. My kisses work their way down your torso, downwards to your belly button and I pause there. I feel you shudder as I kiss around it and down to your lower belly.

I sit up and with a lustful smile, slide your knickers downwards, running my fingers teasingly along the length of your thighs and calves, feeling every soft, smooth inch of your legs.

I remove my boxers and climb back on top of you, arms reaching for your hip, sliding around to the small of your back. You wrap your legs around mine and I press my groin against the soft flesh of your thigh. You moan softly and reach for me, guiding me on top of you and resting my erecting penis on your belly as you stroke it to fullness.

You crush your thighs tighter around me and start to move back and forth, back and forth, letting out small gasps and moans as you slowly bring yourself to orgasm. You raise your legs, pushing me down towards you and finally, I ease myself inside.

You let out a long and satisfied sigh, roll your head back and wrap your arms around my neck. Hips moving in rhythm, bodies sweating, hearts pounding together we begin that slow, deliberate, careful, horizontal rhythmic dance.

You clasp my body tight to yours; the feeling of your body against mine, writhing and naked. I lift myself up to take in the vision of you. Your graceful movements are a feast for the eyes, the blissful look in your eyes head thrown back and open mouth, drinking in lungfuls of air.

‘I want you.’

‘I want you too.’

I can hold it in no longer, instinctively thrusting my hips forward you wince slightly but it is replaced quickly with a satisfied smile. You crush your body to mine and I let out a long and deep sigh as finally, I am spent.

You look into my eyes and see the bliss there. You reach for me again, pull me back down and in one swift movement, rolling over so you are on top of me.

Holding each other tightly, I continue to thrust my hips upwards as you thrust yours downwards, your moans building with each stroke – long, slow, and finally I feel you shudder… once, twice, three times like a wave from your shoulders passing down your body.

I withdraw from you and we roll over onto our sides, holding each other tightly. We both let out a satisfied sigh and lie there, wrapped up in each others’ arms kissing, stroking, wrapping our bodies together.

I don’t ever want to stop touching you, I want to remain here forever with our bodies entwined.

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