Why I Love Your Thighs

I am a bum man (butt to you Americans) but I also have a good appreciation for a nice pair of legs on a woman. Particularly, I like thighs. This is a vignette dedicated to their worship. Enjoy!


Someone once asked me to think of what heaven would feel like and all I could think of was your thighs. That soft skin, pliant beneath my fingers – cool to the touch but warming underneath my massaging hands. Ivory white and silky smooth.

Heaven would be the way the sides rise towards your hips, the way their front leads to the mound of pubic hair and where the backs meet your buttocks – there are few sensations better than my oiled hands all over them.

Heaven would be watching the way your thighs move when you walk – wearing shorts – though preferably naked. The way the muscle, skin and curve of the flesh gracefully interact. Stand with your back to me and stretch, it drives me wild as my gaze takes in the contours of their shape.

Heaven would be watching you roll around naked on the bed. I can’t take my eyes from you, but the thighs are something else. Like rolling waves, they are hypnotic and enchanting, inviting, begging me to lose myself between them.

Heaven is when our bodies are embraced in lust and I feel your legs part. The first tentative brush of hand up the inside of your thigh spurs me on – heaven is the sweat at your crotch that shows me you are enjoying it and begging me to keep going. Heaven is me climbing on top of you and feeling your thighs open wide with desire and then wrap around me as I rest my hips between them. Your thighs are drawing me into you, pressing against me tightly – not wanting to let go.

This, to me, is heaven.


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