Bath Time Part 1

Sadly, most hotel and home baths in the UK are too small to have sex in, and they are barely large enough to fit two people. If you position yourselves right, it can be quite comfortable. There are few things better than having a naked woman lean back onto you and when it’s in a hot and steamy bath, very erotic. This is a long piece so I am splitting it into multiple parts.

ID-10069957Your back is against my chest, head leaning back onto my shoulder exposing your slender neck… delicate and vulnerable. We are in the bath and light sweat mingles with the rising steam of the water, creating a soft sheen to our bodies that looks oily and feels silky. I lean forward and, bringing my hand up your arm to cradle the rise of your shoulder, kiss the soft fleshy skin where the neck meets the shoulder blade.

‘Mmm, that’s nice,’ you mutter and rub your cheek against mine.

I kiss along the shoulder, down along the top of the arm then back up again, working my way back towards your neck. I look down towards the rise of your breasts and the cleft of cleavage between them. Seeing your firm erect nipples, I nuzzle your skin along your back kiss the nape.



Three times.

Your chest rises and sinks, slowly and gracefully, up and down, up and down as the hair on the back of your neck stands up, goose pimples rising with the breathing.

I bring my hand around and rest it on your belly, gently pulling you in. Responding, you push back against me and I feel the warm flesh of your buttock press to my groin, working backwards and in towards my cock. I spread my legs a little more and we come together – my cock nestled neatly in the cleft between your buttocks.

‘Mmmmmm,’ you mutter, ‘there you are!’

I slide my hand up the length of your stomach and to your chest, cupping the breast and giving it a small circling massage around and around, warming the soft pliant skin; that oily feeling of cool water on warm skin. Seeing the goose pimples rise on your shoulder, I kiss along the length of it again, starting at the neck and all the way down to the shoulder.

I slide the other hand around to your front and downwards, flattening it against the soft belly and then move it sideways to curve of your hip. I love the feeling of your hips rolling up and down against my cock and against my hand. Down the outside of your thigh my hand goes, and then up the inside – taking in the whole length of the flesh, until I reach the parting in the middle. Then, I teasingly and briefly run my hand up once between your legs, lightly brushing the tangle of hair.

‘Oooooh, do that again,’ you beg.

I do so, taking extra care and time to take in the sensation of the softness of your belly, the belly button and across to the wide rise of your hip. Feeling those contours, so hot, so sexy, so feminine and I feel something stirring inside me.

I want you. I want to feel our bodies pressed together in mutual and intense orgasm. Right now, I can’t imagine ever wanting anyone as much as I want you here and now.

But we must wait, build the tension, those fireworks I feel for you on that first night together after a long time apart – I want them and I want you.

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3 thoughts on “Bath Time Part 1

  1. Wow! Your writing style is absolutely engaging, and makes me want to read more and more!
    I am actually starting up a blog myself, and was wondering if you would check it out!

    Really, I can’t wait to read more of your work!


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