Bath Time Part 2

Part 2 of my erotic scene Bath Time carries on immediately where we left off last week. For a sex scene, there’s been a real lack of sex, just a lot of teasing and petting – until now. I hope you enjoy this as much as you enjoyed the first part. Things are about to get a lot steamier.

ID-10069957I glide my hand once again down the length of your thigh, so soft, so delicate and I remember the last time I had them wrapped around my waist; I smile as my cock tingles at the thought. Finally and reluctantly, over the knee and then – even slower this time – up the length of the inside of your thigh.

You close your legs against my hand as I get nearer your crotch. You gasp as I brush the outside of the lips and immediately pass over it, up and over the lower belly and stop…. back down again, taking delicate care as I teasingly brush the lips first down and then up again. You pinch your legs together and moan as I work my fingers up and down, around and around. You release a small cry and I pull my hand away, sliding it upwards away and back to your stomach, over it, and finally I bring my hand up to your other breast.

I massage them together around and around, carefully and gently, feeling the ecstasy in my hands as the soft pliant skin gives way and your nipples grow firm. You lean back further, pressing your back to my chest, still rolling your hips up and down, sighing and moaning in pleasure, mouth open. I turn towards you and kiss your cheek, your neck and the shoulder blade again.

My cock is fully risen now, and nestled firmly in that cleft between those cheeks. I love the feeling of your bum against my cock and you know how I like it – it’s so hard, so intense, so good. I want you… but still, not yet.

You bring your hands to mine and taking them, guide them to your hips, showing me how you want me to help you fall and rise. Easing you up and down against my body, this feels good and I feel the orgasm rising in me. But I can hold off, I want to hold off because I want you, right here and now.

Echoing my feelings, you cry out ‘Oh god, I can’t take any more teasing!’

I lift you up and help you turn around. I am leaning back against the bath and you are lying on top of me and straddling my thighs. I look down the length of your body and slide my hand down your back to the firm rise of your bum as your hips rise towards me and then down, guiding towards what is to come next.

Finally, I feel it. That soft and blissful sensation of being inside you. It feels like nothing else in this world, those warm moist walls that gives way with little resistance as my cock moves all the way inside you.

‘Keep going,’ you whisper. It presses against your cervix and you exhale.

You pull up a few inches, my cock sliding out a little, then stop and lower yourself down again, all the way down and I savour every inch of the sensation: up and down, up and down, working into a rhythm.

I pull your body tight to mine, one hand at the small of your back and the other running my fingers through your hair. All the time I am watching that graceful rise and fall of your buttocks as you ride my cock up and down.

I rise to meet you as you come down, small methodical thrusts. I want to feel the length of you, savour every last second of the body that I crave: those gentle calves and womanly thighs that drive me crazy, wide hips, narrow waist, firm breasts, slender neck – I want it all.

Just as I am on the point of orgasm, you stop and lift yourself up. Kneeling in the bath and facing me you give me a lustful smile. We’re looking each other up and down, drinking in sight of each other’s aroused bodies. You lean back, spread your legs and beckon me forward.

I cannot see beneath the soapy water so your lower half is obscured. Taking the hint, I move forward and climb on top of you, immediately reaching between your legs as you wrap your thighs around my waist.

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