Bath Time Part 3

Here’s the finale of my three part my erotic tale Bath Time. I wrote this for my girlfriend some time ago and it’s my favourite so far. I think it’s her favourite too. Hopefully, we can get to try this out in practice when we find a bath big enough!

ID-10069957Probing forward with my cock, it meets your lips; flesh meets flesh and I push forwards. You gasp, and once again, I am inside you. You throw your head back as I push all the way in and ease my body forward, working back into that comfortable rhythm.

‘Oooooh,’ you exclaim, ‘keep going,’ and then start to move your hips at a quicker pace, still slow and sensual but with a building sense of urgency.

‘That feels great,’ I respond by moving deeper and slightly faster, feeling the glans press up against the cervix.

‘Don’t stop!’ you implore, pushing back against my thrusts as they become harder and faster. You reach down, taking my buttocks into your hands and squeeze them.

I gasp.

A low, murmuring moan begins deep in your throat. You crush my body to yours, simultaneously squeezing your legs tighter and raising them higher as I move forward against you.

I feel the first shudder pass over you, down your body as a wave of ecstasy grips us both. Encouraged, I push my cock deep inside you and hold it there for two, three, four, five seconds – and release. I push in and hold again… I feel a second shudder pass over you, your breathing becoming rapid and shallow.

‘Oooh,’ you cry out, ‘and again.’

Once more, I push inside you and hold my throbbing cock long enough until I feel ready to burst; then I pull back, returning to the gentle strokes, each one slightly faster than the last. Thrusting faster and harder, pushing in and pulling back for another quick and shallow thrust. I feel the juices inside you build, you get wider and wetter with each stroke.

Finally you arch your back upwards. Wrapping your arms around my neck and your legs tightly around my waist, I feel your orgasm pass through both of us as you crush our bodies together, your breasts pressing hard to my chest. I hold you tight, sharing the feeling with you until finally you exhale and release your grip.

But I am not finished.

I lower my knees to the floor of the bath and raise myself up with my hands on the sides. You are leaning back, a look of ecstasy in your eyes. You reach for me, but I want to take in the sight of your body as it gracefully rises up and down from the post-orgasm deep breathing. My gaze wanders from the mound of tangled hair, yours and mine, mingling at your crotch. Your delicate lips enveloping my cock as it moves slowly in and out. My gaze drifts upwards, following the gentle contours of your thighs and the slope of your belly. I sweep up to your perfectly round breasts and the cleft that parts them. Upwards again to those delicate round shoulders and long, slender arms stretched out above your head.

I start working my hips back and forth again, in and out. The steady rhythm builds inside me and you reach for me, pulling my body back towards yours.

In and out, in and out.

You slide your hands down my back and grab my buttocks again – one in each hand. You give them a gentle squeeze and pull me in farther, willing me onwards, ever deeper inside you. You gasp again, ‘oh come on, yes I can feel it.’

I moan in appreciation and begin to push harder, faster, shallow thrusts, pressing and pushing inside you.

‘Oh yes, come on!’ you push back, raising your hips a little and pushing back against my thrusts.

One long stroke.

A second, long and deep stroke.

I can feel it coming.

A third, long stroke.

You push back against me, clamping your thighs against my sides and squeezing your vaginal walls against my cock with each thrust.

Finally, I feel the hot spurt explode from my cock and I push forward, thrusting hard inside you and holding there. You gasp as I clasp your body tight to mine, wrapping my arms around your back and pulling you in to me.

I feel my cock spasm a second time.

A third time.

And suddenly I am spent; my whole body relaxes. I pull back and look deep into your eyes, nuzzle your nose with mine and bring our lips together for one, two, three quick firm kisses.

Turning to the side, I lie on my side in the bath, our legs and arms wrapped firmly around each other. You roll in, hooking your arm over my waist and resting your head on my shoulder.

‘Let’s dry off and take this to the bed?’ you say, pulling back and giving me a mischievous look.

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