Everybody enjoys sex of course, but we all know there’s more to an enjoyable sex life than just penetration. The penis is very sensitive and I like nothing more than feeling it slide over the soft and sensitive areas of my girlfriend’s body. This is a poem about stimulation.


Your hand on my penis circling it with your delicate fingers,
Guiding me upwards to lie it on your belly.
I feel it rise and fall against my cock,
taking pleasure in the soft skin pressing against me.
Your skin is moist with sweat;
slowly, I start to work my way up and down,
back and forth, feeling myself rise against the silk of your skin.
The base of my penis brushes the rough pubic hair and I slide upwards,
feeling myself glide over the gentle rise of your belly,
tickling your navel, the tip sitting just beneath your ribs.
I am at fullness.
You give me a mischievous smile and, taking my cock in your hands again,
You guide my upwards, simultaneously wriggling your body downwards,
and I am sliding along the length of you
until my cock is nestled between your breasts.
That valley is heaven and I watch, mesmerised
at the rise of the swell of your breasts and firm nipples
Begging me to slide between them once more
You push your breasts together and I am enveloped
As I work my way back and forward, the tip of my penis just inches from your chin.
You teasingly open your mouth and look on approvingly
As my full erection pushes its way along the soft supple valley of your cleavage.

You ease me up and tell me you want to turn over,
I lift myself up and watch as you gracefully roll over.
You invitingly raise your backside towards me
and I delight in the roundness of your heavenly buttocks.
I lower myself down, resting my erection in the crack
and feel the ecstasy of you rising your body hungrily to meet mine,
I begin my slide once again, parting the cleavage slightly.
And then you do that thing.
You know, that thing that drives me wild.
Where you circle the buttock muscles around my cock
As I move back and forth, nestled between the cheeks.
Finding my rhythm, I am enveloped one again.
I feel your excitement build; juices from your crotch
Seeking, finding a way onto my shaft to be driven upwards,
aiding my sliding motion.
I feel my climax coming and stop moving.
In response, you clench your buttock muscles against my hardness and hold
3…. 2… 1…
And release.
You tigthen them again.
I am overcome with ecstasy at that feeling.

‘I’m ready’ you say and part your legs.
I slide my shaft downwards along the cleavage,
pressing the glans firmly against the crack
You wriggle in delight as I tease it along the length of you
And beneath, finally find your lips, welcoming and moist.
Finally I enter you.
And slide once again.


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