We all need a little bit of erotic play in our sex lives, it helps to keep things fresh and imaginative. Most people love the feeling of things on their body; even better, most people like said things either massaged into or licked off of their bodies too and I am no exception. This poem is called “drizzle” and concerns honey.

Bright fountain cascading over my body,
Drizzled honey twisting, twirling dancing against gravity,
Landing on my chest with a satisfying pitter-patter.
Stream of gold creeps down the length of my body,
Forming a puddle in my navel and spilling over.
My torso and belly glistens, shines, sparkles.

Massage in the honey, ’till I am covered
and your hands glide gracefully over me.
Slide your thigh over and straddle me,
Lower your open mouth towards my chest.
And place it on me.
Backside resting on my thighs, a smile comes to my lips
At the ecstasy of your mouth suckling my chest.

Honey-coated genitals slipping against your breasts,
Nestled in the cleavage, rising to fullness.
Tickle me with your hardening nipples.
Honey all over me, in my pubic hair
Suck it out through your teeth,
Press your tongue against the mat.
Pull back my foreskin with your honey-drenched hand.
Let me feel it slip and slide up and down my shaft.
Repetitive motion until I can take no more.
And am overcome with ecstasy.

When I am done, sit up and pour the golden fluid on your body.
Let it run from the neck, coating your breasts and to your belly.
Give me a smile and say “my turn”.


3 thoughts on “Drizzled

  1. I love how honey looks when it drizzles, and you’ve captured the essence of that. However, I can’t think about it in an erotic sense without the image of how it feels intruding in on the daydream — sticky!!! 😉


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