Unbutton My Jeans Slowly…

The anticipation of sex is highly arousing. I’ve said before that I like to be teased and have my senses aroused, especially touch. I love the anticipation and the build up; there is nothing that gets me hotter. This is about the simple action of having my jeans unbuttoned.

Lying on my back with you strewn across me.
I know when you’re in the mood, you press your crotch against my thigh and grip tight.
Your hand moves to my crotch and you fiddle with the buttons.
Fingers grip the metal, delicately pushing it out of the hole.

The first button is free.
You slide a finger teasingly inside, brushing along the rim of my boxers
And tickle the hair of my lower belly.
Downwards you go.
The gentle feeling of your finger tips against cotton makes my heart skip a beat.

The second button is free.
I feel your chest rise and fall; you let out a contented sigh.
A knowing smile crosses your lips.
Fingers probing downwards once again,
Penetrating hungrily inside, Ever downwards reaching for me, anticipating, wanting, longing.

The third button is free.
You shift your position, moving your head off of my shoulder and onto my chest.
Light kisses cross my arm
As your fingers reach
And finally find what it is they were looking for. Light brushes, probing, finding the length of me.

The fourth and final button is free.
Your hand slides all the way inside my jeans, moving with eagerness and longing.
Kneading, massaging me through thin cotton.
Stopping, reaching for the band of my boxers. Lifted up, hand inside, in, slid down.
Hand-cupped penis, I smile in ecstasy.


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