Sexy solstice time. This is totally imagined, something I came up with a couple of weeks ago. Happy midsummer everyone! Be sure to enjoy the sunshine ūüôā

An hour before dawn, the stones are bathed in silver light. I’m standing at the centre, feeling the cool morning breeze on my face and icy fingers of moonlight bathing the ancient monument from above. I hear the gentle footfalls behind me but don’t turn around.

I know it’s you, even after you place your hands in front of my eyes and ask huskily “guess who?” I gently take your hands, turn around and place them on my shoulders, quickly slipping my own arms around your waist.

You’re wearing a long, flowing white dress through which I¬†can see lacy underwear. Your dark hair, almost black tonight,¬†sparkles in the moonlight as it cascades down one side of your face. I pull you close and kiss you; it’s a quick kiss and you pull back, breaking our embrace.

‘Let’s play a game. Find me and you can have me?’

I nod emphatically.

‘Ok. Turn around and close your eyes. Then count to ten.’

I do so. When I open my eyes again you are gone and it is silent.

I nimbly cross to the inner stones and quickly look the nearest. You are not there – unsurprising. I pass carefully around the back and make my way to the outer circle, peering towards the centre and for any hint of your body breaking the moonlight.

Suddenly I stop and hold my breath; instinctively, I quickly look around the corner of the outer stone. There you are, smiling, leaning back against the rock.

‘Congratulations,’ you say. ‘Here’s your reward.’¬†Placing your hands on your delicate shoulders, you brush the straps down over your arms and let the dress fall to the floor leaving you standing bathed in moonlight in only your underwear. ‘Turn around again.’

With a smile on my face, I close my eyes a second time. When I open them it is still and silent once more.

I creep to the next stone and work my way around the outside, taking care to stay out of view of the centre. I want to catch you unawares.

As I reach the other end of the standing crescent, I get a flicker of movement from inside the circle. I stop and slowly turn toward the source. Pressing myself up against the rock, I peer around the corner and notice movement again, this time at the nearest stone of the inner circle. I dart across the gap and go behind the rock. You don’t hear me move; you don’t notice me approach from behind – that much is obvious as I watch you peer around the rock again. Slowly, I come up behind you and slip my arms around your waist, pressing my groin against your backside, feeling the soft flesh through the fabric of your underwear. I slide my hands up to your breasts and cup them. ‘I’ve got you.’

You chuckle, ‘ah not yet.’ You remove my hands from your breasts and turn to face me. With a grin you step back.

‘Selene reborn,’ I exclaim as you unhook your bra, letting it tumble to the floor before slipping your¬†knickers down and letting them drop with a wiggle.

Silver-doused body, angelic. I crave you and you know it.¬†You turn around, showing me¬†the rise of your buttocks. ‘One more time.’ You mimic a turning motion with your finger again and I turn my back to you one final time.

After a count of ten I open my eyes and make my way to the centre of the stones, carefully placing my feet so not to give away my position.

And there you are, lying on a slab near the centre of the monument. Propped up on one arm, your long delicate legs are pressed together, emphasising the curve of your hips and waist. Rolling curves sneak beneath your hair which also hide your breasts.

You sit up and face me, and as I approach, reach for me. You open your legs and I kneel between them, lowering you back down onto the rock.

Chest to chest. Mouths meet. Tongues dance.

Legs wrap around my waist and I am on top of you. Foot slides up the back of my calf.

Arms around my neck.

Hands all over.

As the first fingers of sunrise peer over the ancient stones and warmth douses our conjoined bodies, we begin slow and sensuous movements.

Happy Solstice Everyone!


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