“Tricophilia” is defined as attraction to and arousal at somebody’s hair. Most men have a thing about women’s hair; after all, it’s often used sexually in courtship, in seduction and in adverts where there is a sexual element. I wouldn’t say it causes arousal in me any more than average, but I do find certain hair styles and colours highly erotic and I love watching my girlfriend play with her hair.


Oh flame-haired goddess,
Oh smouldering raven mistress,
Miss sultry chocolate,
Miss underrated mousy,
Playful strawberry and
Innocent blonde sweetness,

Oh full-bodied vibrant curls,
Oh straight, flowing, and silky
Miss short pixie cut,
Cascading glossy waterfall,
Funky shoulder length,
And even sexy bedhead.

I want to run my fingers through,
Let it fall softly over my hand,
As it glides along your head,
I want to take a handful in my fist,
And lower my face towards it,
To breath in a lungful of your scent.

I want to watch it dance over my body,
Glistening and sparkling,
As you tease my face, my neck,
My chest and belly,
My hips and thighs.
And then where you know I like it best.

Tickle me with the tips,
Brush me with the body,
Lure me with the length,
And when you’re ready,
Fluff it up and say,
“Ok, now fuck me.”


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