Coast: Part 1

I’ve never had sex outside, I’d be too terrified of getting caught and I don’t know if I will ever have the courage to try. However, I have fantasised about it. This new three-parter is a sex scene I wrote for my girlfriend about what it might be like to have sex in public on a secluded coastal path. This is based on nowhere in particular.

As another cool spring wind passes over us, I turn to face you. Your hair blows and billows and dances around your face and gently brushes mine. You lean into me and close your eyes, soaking up either the sun or this moment of silence. Finally you speak, ‘I love you.’

We’re on a cliff that tumbles towards a sea of gently rolling blue waves; the scent of salt is all around us; it’s a beautiful spring morning. The gulls are swooping and wind whistles through the long grasses.

‘I love you too.’

‘I’d love to stay here forever but it’s a little cold. Shall we go back to the cover?’ You gesture to the rock formation behind us; there’s a convenient niche that could shelter people from the elements from both sides while still allowing a full view of the sea. On our way up, you told me you came up here a lot to draw, take photographs and sometimes brought a picnic.

Once inside, you retreat to the back of the shelter and press yourself up against the rock. I move in close to you and wrap one arm around you. Noticing the scent of flowers in your hair and on your neck, I hold you for just a few moments.

‘Mmm, you smell nice,’ I whisper in your ear and slide my arm up your back, pulling you in closer.
You wrap an arm around my neck and bury your nose in my hair, ‘so do you.’

You kiss the base of my neck and work your way forwards along my jaw line then back to my neck, gently brushing my shoulder with your lips before resting your head on it.

With your other hand you undo the top two buttons on my shirt and slide your fingers delicately inside. I smile at the sensation of them playing across my chest and tickling my hair, and the light touch of your fingers on my lower neck.

‘Is that nice?’

‘Very!’ I mutter and lift my head for more.

‘Shall I stop?’


‘What if someone comes?’

‘If it’s me, I’ll just change my underpants when I get back.’ I lower my face and look in your eyes with a lustful smile.

‘I’ll be honest,’ you grin at me with equal lust, ‘I’ve always wanted to have sex up here. And I know you like the idea.’ You undo a third button on my shirt, pull it open and immediately go back to kissing my shoulder.

‘Easy tiger!’ I say with a knowing grin. ‘Feeling frisky?’

You purse your lips and say, ‘maybe a little,’ before pressing your mouth firmly to mine, pulling back and muttering, ‘maybe a lot.’

I move my other hand to your leg, find the hem of your skirt just above your knee and place my palm against the cool naked flesh. I feel you wriggle slightly as I slide my hand up and bring it to rest just under the hem, stop there and move it back down again, even slower this time. I repeat the motion, taking in just how divine your skin feels beneath my hand. It’s soft and pliable and marble smooth. On the third time I feel your leg goose-pimple, fine hairs rising to meet my fingers and my palm as they glide over you.

‘And you call me a tease?’ you ask.

‘I never claimed not to be,’ I say as I move my hand back up and slide it around to your bum.

To be continued…


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