Coast: Part 2

This is the second part of a short series that started last week. Things are starting to get a little hot now in the rock niche. Enjoy!


I grasp your buttock through the thin cotton skirt and give it a squeeze, circling around in a gentle massage – two, three, four times until I hear you gasp again. Then I let go and move my fingers to the groove between your buttocks and run a single finger along the ridge.

You crush your body tight against mine, raise your leg and use it to circle mine. Through my thin trousers, I can feel your thigh rub up and down, up and down against the back of mine.

I bring my hand back up your body, sliding it over the curve of your hip and to your back, around your side to the front, trailing over the belly and up and over your breasts; I stop at the top button of your blouse and play with it, twirling it around in my fingers.

Slowly, carefully, I pop the first button, letting it slide out of the hole and feeling that resistance as it pushes through and finally gives way. I undo the second button, taking just as much time to let it pop.

I stop with the third button and move my mouth hungrily to your chest, noticing the sandy flecks of the freckles that drive me wild. I kiss each one in turn and you chuckle as you realise what I’m doing. My mouth moves hungrily down your right breast, feeling the ecstasy of the sensation of soft skin.

‘You’re not wearing a bra?’

‘No, it might have got in the way.’

‘You planned this?’

No, I just prepared for it.’

I wrap both arms around you and pull you to me again, feeling your hardening nipples through your blouse and my shirt.

You remove a hand from my back and push me back slightly, working your hand down to my lower belly, over the bottom buttons of my shirt and bring it to rest on the waist of my trousers. ‘Let’s see what we have here,’ you say and give me a mischievous look. You twist your hand so your fingers are pointing downwards and slowly run it down from my lower belly to my crotch.

I feel something stir, tingle and begin to rise beneath the light pressure of your fingers. Your hand comes to rest just beneath my balls and you take them in your hand, giving them a gentle squeeze.

‘Oooh,’ I mutter,’ that’s good.’

You release the pressure and bring your hand back up the length of me, stop at the top and slide it back down once again, running, gliding your fingers over my erection. On the fourth pass you stop. I can feel myself throbbing beneath my trousers, inside my boxers, aching to break free.

I want you.

You take the zip delicately between your finger and thumb, treating it gently as you slide it down. With each click, I begin to work my hips back and forward until the zip is fully down.

You ease just two fingers into the gap. Pressed together, I feel your probing fingers go first one way and then the other as you find the outline of my cock and trace it, teasing me to full erection. ‘You won’t cum in your underpants, I won’t let you.’

‘I want to cum in you,’ I reply, gasping for air.

Conclusion next week…


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