Coast: Part 3

Here we are, the final part of my erotica serial Coast in which I explore my fantasy of having sex at a local beauty spot overlooking the sea. I hope you have enjoyed the previous two parts and find the final one just as sexy as the build up.


You find the elastic of my boxers and ease it down over the length of me. You push the rest of your hand inside my trousers and take my cock firmly in your hand; you wrap your fingers around it’s full girth and begin to work it gently up and down, peeling back the foreskin.

Instinctively, I place my hand between your thighs and slide it upwards towards your crotch, feeling the softness give way to my probing fingers. My hand brushes something wet running down your leg and I grin at you, ‘you’re not wearing knickers, either?’

You place your finger to my mouth and shake your head before wrapping your arm back around me and guiding me forward. In your other hand, my full on erection is poking through the zip hole and eagerly moving towards your body. Pulling up the hem of your skirt, I place my cock against the mound of pubic hair, circle around your waiting entrance and finally, push it inside you.

‘Ohhhhh!’ we let out simultaneous moans as we crush our bodies together.

I feel your hips rotate to accept the fullness of me inside you and you lean back against the rock. I push myself in as far as I can go and hold there for mere seconds before pulling back just as slowly.

Slowly in, slowly out; I feel your wetness coat me each time I push inwards and run down the length of me when I pull out. Your juices mixed with my sweat and soon we can smell nothing but the sexual electricity around us. The cool wind coming off the sea only seems to hasten our lust, our desire, the need for urgency as we fuck against the rock.

I press my lips to yours and push my tongue inside your mouth, first licking at your tongue, begging you to accept. Your tongue receives mine and they begin the slow, erotic dance inside your mouth.

I move my hand to the small of your back; you raise your leg a little higher – clamping our bodies together for the intense push, the surge, towards orgasm.

You break our kiss, let out a small cry and throw your head back, exposing your delicate neck. I immediately move my mouth there, small mere pinpricks of kisses up the length of your neck, from the rise of your breast bone to the softness of your neck.

I put both my hands to the small of your back, holding you tight in the curve just above your bum. I feel my erection begin that familiar spasm and slide both hands downwards to rest on your buttocks – one cheek in each hand. I give them a gentle squeeze, my breath intensifying, shallow and rapid until finally…

I feel my cock explode inside you, warm liquid emptying itself from my body into yours. But I can’t finish yet; I can feel your orgasm coming, you are widening as ecstasy washes over you, crushing your arms against my back and your legs around mine. Wetness running down your leg and dripping onto my trousers.

I feel your body relax and you let out a huge sigh, throwing your head back again. You loosen your grip – first your legs and then your arms – and fall back against the rock with a smile. We are both spent.

‘Wow,’ is all I can say.

‘Wow,’ you reply, reaching for me again.

Orgasms finished, I withdraw from you and move back into an embrace for a long, slow kiss. We hastily correct our clothing and stand there, backs against the rock, holding hands and staring out to sea, the sound of waves still ringing in our ears..

Thanks for reading!


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