Taking a Break

When I started this blog just a few months ago, I didn’t really know what to expect. I have always been a writer and only in the last couple of years have I written sex scenes and written about sex. I started sending my girlfriend sexy stories and poems which were well received and I felt there may be a niche market to write male-centric erotica that also appeals to women.I’ve decided I am going on extended leave. I do not really have the time to focus on writing erotica at the moment, I have so many other projects I want to get done first, and the last few efforts I feel I am purely going through the motions. The last thing I want is for my sex writing to become purely perfunctory and doing it for the sake of it.

I also want(ed) to write about writing about sex, not just posting my erotic efforts, but as it is I don’t really seem to have the time. I will still be around to read the content of the blogs to which I subscribe, but until I can figure out precisely what I want to do with my erotica I think I should leave this.

Thanks to everyone who has been supportive of my work so far, I hope to have something more to offer you again in future.


2 thoughts on “Taking a Break

  1. Still working my way through emails and so a little late to comment.
    I’m sure you already know that a break is sometimes the best thing for one’s writing. I just wanted to give a little concrete support for your decision. It’s hard to walk away from some aspects of WP but many do and come back more focussed. I’m letting one blog lag for the same reasons as you state and am spending less time on my “Real Writer” blog too. Hopefully, the reset that autumn often brings will be helpful to many of us here.


    1. Thanks, Karin. I know you’re right about that, I’ve done it before on my “real writer” blog.

      I just have too many projects going on right now – workwise and fiction in other areas – that spending time on this blog would be too much of a drain on my time.

      I will be around to read and comment though 🙂

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