After Sex

First one in a while! Can’t promise this is a permanent return for now, though. I hope you all enjoy this. How often do we stop to think about the emotions, thoughts and feelings we experience in the minutes following sex? That euphoria and the sense of togetherness as well as the bliss of orgasm.

Lying there in silence,
Gentle ticking of the clock,
Overtakes subsiding breath.
That distinct smell of sex in the air,
Electrifying, glorious.
For the first time since we finished,
I turn to you and smile.
Your head tilted back,
Eyes closed, smug grin.
Sweat glistens on your forehead,
On your neck and chest,
Tricking down your belly,
And shimmering at the mound of pubic hair.
One hand on your cleavage,
The other across your thigh,
Reaching down to gently ply at the damp rug between.
Teasing, stroking, and I imagine:
“She feels empty without me inside her”
And I’m craving again the moist, slippery inside of you.


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