You are the Ocean

Maybe it’s just me, but the natural, naked curve of a woman’s body has a lot in common with the sea, the soft angles and graceful movements are a powerful simile, especially to somebody who finds the ocean incredibly erotic – perhaps that’s why.

We come together,
Blurring the lines between my body and yours,
You raise your legs to circle my back,
Gentle and rolling like the surf,
Show me the ocean of your body.
Let my eyes follow the waves,
From the side, along your hips,
To the undulating curve of your thigh,
Trailing off along your calf.
To the shore of the crumpled sheets beneath us,
As we move together
And against each other,
Let me get lost in the waters of your arms,
And sink into the harbour between your thighs,
Never to surface again.


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