Happy Autumn Nights

Ah, Autumn. The cold forces you to wrap up warm, the wind and rain keeps you indoors which in turn gives you an excuse to have more sex to keep warm! And Christmas is just that little bit closer too. What’s not to like about it?


Snuggling up next to you, feeling my belly against your back, my groin against your backside, fronts of my thighs pressing against the backs of yours – feeling the warmth of you seeping through two layers of cloth to mix with mine. It’s a cold night, we’re spooning and your feet are pressed against me. It is a chilly autumn night and I crave your warmth as you crave mine.

Bed socks are not the sexiest thing in the world, but they feel nice and cosy against my legs – soft and gentle, just like the rest of your body, as you run the flats of your feet up and down the length of my shins. The aroma of hot chocolate lingers on the air, as does the dissipating scent of candle wax and the invigorating smokiness of the warm crackling fire in the hearth.

My arm encircles your waist, slipping underneath your pyjama top and settling on your belly, just beneath your breast – I feel its soft curve brush my finger as you breathe. I crave to touch it, to massage it and feel it pliant and heavenly beneath my fingers – but not yet.

I am already hard when I lean over and nibble your ear. You shrink away with a giggle but expose your neck invitingly. I watch as your throat rises and falls with quickening pace as my lips begin their work, along your shoulder and then back to the soft flesh of your lower neck.

Your breast brushes my finger again and I bring my hand up slowly to cup it, sliding my hand over soft, warm skin, taking in the sensation. I give the breast a gentle squeeze, sliding my hand over the hardened nipple.

You gasp. ‘No!’

I pull back quizzically. ‘No?’

‘Not here,’ you nod towards the door.

Log cabin, one room, middle of the forest. Nobody for miles. There is only one place you can mean.

‘Are you serious?’ I feel my pulse quicken.

‘Yes, we keep saying we’d like to fuck outside so why not here, now?’


Mist sits low on the ground, our breath billows into the night air as we set down on a bed of leaves beneath the oak tree overhanging the cabin. Wasting no time, I am immediately on you, crushing our bodies together to preserve what little warmth we have. I push my groin in to your crotch as you open your legs and wrap them hungrily around me; one hand on the ground, the other around the small of your back, pulling you to me, desperately wanting you, needing you, and wanting to keep the warmth between our entwined bodies.

I tear at the buttons of your top, hastily and impatiently pulling them open. ‘I want you. I really fucking want you!’

You let out a gasp as I push my hips deeper into yours, the shaft of my penis pressing lengthways against your vaginal lips. I smile as a I feel wetness seep through two layers of cloth, and press harder. In response, you move your hips with more vigour against the length of my cock, back and forth, firm thrusts… wanting… needing… rising towards orgasm.

Silver light douses your body, moonlight clinging to the ethereal contours of your curves. Warm sweat glistens on your forehead and in your hair, sparking like crystals in the moonlight.

‘Ooh my wood nymph. Stop or I’ll spurt!’

‘No you won’t.’ You reach down, hastily sliding your hand inside my bottoms and grab the base of my throbbing cock – and squeeze until I subside while still thrusting your body against mine. You slow your own movements to a slow, graceful and sensual rolling as you tentatively release your hand from my shaft. You tilt your head back, looking towards something behind us.


‘Up against the tree!’ you say, ‘quickly.’

Helping you to your feet, and you lead me by the hand to the oak tree. Crisp, dry leaves break and crisp, mist dances about our feet and fingers of ethereal smoke rise up to brush our legs as we sweep through. We almost tumble against the tree and throw ourselves together, a knotted mess of half-worn clothes hanging on clumsy moving limbs as the urgency of our kisses intensifies.

I pull open your top again and press the length of my body against yours as you pull down first your bottoms and then mine. The cold of the autumn air teases and tingles bare skin and pubic hair as genitals come together to share each other’s warmth.

Enter and exhale.

Your thighs part and press to mine as we move together on the tree, small and careful thrusts against the hard bark of the ancient wood behind us. It creeks as we move in rhythm, delicate frost crystals sparkle and twinkle with the stars above. Goose pimples rise on your chest and you shudder, reaching out to pull me closer, deeper into you, swallowing me up in the fullness of our embrace.

Ecstasy rises and I can no longer hold back the desire or the need to thrust. Holding tight, I push deeper into you, pinning you between my body and the trunk of the tree. Your hands slide down my back quickly, grabbing my backside through cotton and squeeze tightly, digging your fingers in as I orgasm deep inside you.

You gasp and push back against me, clamping your thighs against mine, hungrily accepting my hot, spurting juices. I let out a long and satisfied groan as I feel your own wet juices slide along my shaft; the shared warmth of mutual orgasm the only respite against the cold. Finally, you release the breath you have been holding – gasping, crying out and calling my name, throwing your head back in unbridled ecstasy.

Our breathing subsides to normal and as we pull apart, we are reminded of the cold air. I pull you close again and whisper in your ear ‘let’s get naked and warm up in front of that fire?’


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