When The Clock Goes Back (Erotic Tanka)

We’re now officially into autumn-winter time here in England. That means it’ll be dark from around 5PM and about 4-5 weeks from now, it will be dark until around 7:30AM. It’s getting colder, wetter and darker. An excuse to cuddle up to the one you love to keep warm, right? 😉



It’s cold outside, love
Please hold me for a moment
Let me share your warmth.
Entwine our limbs together
I’ll keep you and you keep me?

There’s nothing better
Than being here with you
All snuggled up warm
Outside, wind groans and rain pounds
Two hearts in rhythm as one

Clamped tight together
Warm thighs envelop and embrace
And arms encircle
My hand slides beneath night dress
And yours slides inside boxers

You have me hard now
And you’re damp from the rubbing
Ready and willing
So let’s fuck. Right here, right now.
And keep this warmth between us?


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