*Howl* An Erotic Flash Story for Halloween

Many people think vampires are sexy. Meh, not me. To me, werewolves have always been sexy – it’s the raw animalistic tendencies, the instinct and being out in nature. This is my first attempt at writing werewolf erotica. Go easy on me if you write this stuff a lot!


I stop next to the fallen tree and edge close to the bank overlooking the slope that tumbles away towards the river below. Poised, I raise my muzzle to the air and take in the scent of the woodland around me. Abundant wildlife at the water, in the trees and between them. Wood fire from a camp, cigarette smoke, alcohol. The fire dying now failing to cover the scent of people.

Somewhere to the east, a fox shrieks and it startles a bat in the trees above me. I look up sharply and follow its scent to the north before it dissipates as quickly as I noticed it.

Silence returns. I go down on my haunches and wait.

After a few moments there is a flicker in the trees, barely perceptible, but a shadow passes in front of the dimming firelight in the distance. There it is again, flicking back the other way through the shrubs, brushing through the ferns and slipping between the trees.

I catch your scent as you make your way along the bank, silently cautiously. If you looked up, it’s unlikely you’d see me but when you stop, it’s obvious you too have caught my scent. You raise your muzzle to the air, swinging your head this way and that, feeling me there but not able to place me.

The pitter patter of feet on dried leaves gets closer and I catch the scent of autumn damp mixing with the intoxicating pheromones of your body. You stop and raise your muzzle again; you are too far away to surprise yet close enough that I can see you – almost reach out and touch you. I inch forward as you come closer.

There, perfect. In a fraction of a moment you arrive beneath me and turn around, your head pointing to where you had just come from and your back to me. I come out of hiding from behind the tree and in one bound, leap off of the bank and onto your back. I twist my weight sideways so I merely knock you to the ground.

We tumble together down the slope, gathering dust, leaves and damp as paws reach for each other. We tumble together and cling together as we roll towards the water and come to rest half way down the slope. I’m on my back and your are above me, pinning me to the ground gently with your paws in a gesture of mock domination.

You let out a playful noise between a growl and a whimper. I have you.

I growl back. What are you going to do about it?

You push your muzzle forward and they brush for the briefest of moments, noses rubbing together before you nuzzle the fur of my neck. I feel a pleasant shiver run through my body as you lightly run your muzzle through the fur, gently teasing. In response, I nip your ear and you pull back, quickly nipping my muzzle.

I climb to my feet and we are immediately on each other, tumbling again in the leaves, a mass of fur and flesh pawing at each other, trying to hold each other tightly beneath the stars and moon above.

We catch the scent of sex and sweat; for a moment I think it is you and give you a knowing look. With your muzzle you gesture through the trees to the camp. It’s them, not us but the knowing look you give me tells me you are ready.

You get down on your front haunches, raising your back to the air and your tail up, open wide and ready for me. I move around to the back of you and climb on, carefully sliding my paws along your back, inching forward with my back legs.

As I feel myself ease inside you, the warm and moist slide towards ecstasy, I move my paws back to grip your sides. Arching my back, I begin the vigorous thrusting deep inside you. There is no slow love-making, no urge to be tender and savour the togetherness in union, but pure animal instinct – the need, the urgency, the yearning, the unbridled uninhibited fucking, the urgency of our sex matched only by the desire to be free – to run off through the forests, feeling the wind in the fur, set the pulse racing, to feel the exhilaration of being alive, to find a clearing and fuck again like the animals we are.

The urgency of my thrusting is matched only by your growls of pleasure and submission. Soon I am done and climb down off of you, cold air cools my warm, sweaty belly and glistening cock. You turn around and nuzzle me again.

Soon we are running through the forest, wind sweeping through our fur, feeling the crunch of dried leaves under our feet, being whipped by thin branches and not caring as it stings. Crashing through the under brush, scaring the wildlife, pulses racing. it feels good to be alive.

We are alive.

And as we crash into the next clearing, miles from where we started, we collapse into a pile, exhausted and exhilarated wrapping each others bodies around each other.

There, calm and relaxed, we begin the change back. I watch as the fur retracts from your skin, replaced by soft milky skin. Grey-brown matted fur on top of the head darkens and grows longer, shimmering in the moonlight and falling in loose layers down your back. Limbs elongate and become thinner, delicate even. Paws become hands and fingers, long and thin resting on my chest as I too change back. Back legs become the curvy, slender delicate legs of a woman once again. Torso takes shape, breasts form from teets, hips emphasise.

Strong jaw becomes delicate, teeth of the predator become small inside human mouth and full lips. Naked and wrapped around me, you let out a sigh as the transformation completes. Once again I can feel the soft supple skin beneath my fingers. Where once there was fur, I now feel skin. Where once there was wolf, there is woman.



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