My New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Resolutions are easily and quickly broken. That is, unless they happen to be fun. Here’s my promise to my partner for 2016. Happy New Year everyone! Don’t forget to make your own; best of luck in your own resolutions.


I Resolve…
To compliment you every day,
To show you how desirable you are,
To mean every word,
To mean every kiss,
To honour your body with mine,
To cherish it,
To love it,
To test the limits of our pleasure,
To never put my pleasure before yours,
To never take the gift of your body for granted,
To offer myself only to you,
To seek greater intimacy with you,
To offer greater intimacy to you,
To bathe together,
To shower together,
To hold you tight,
To hold you when you need it,
To kiss you when you want it,
To fuck you when you crave it most,
To bring us closer together in love, in lust, in passion.


Having a sexy time? Please share your thoughts below

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