I Remember When We…

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! This is a vignette looking back to my second date with my girlfriend which occurred roughly this week, but several years back. The memories of what passed between us that weekend will stay with me forever, it brings a smile to my face now.

I remember that first night we kissed. It was cold, not especially so for the time of year, and it was dry. We took the long walk back to your place slowly. I didn’t want the night to end even though I knew we would spend the next day together.

I remember flirting, told you how lovely you looked that night and accidentally brushing your hand as we left the restaurant.

I remember how we teased each other on that walk back, “accidentally” bumping into each other with a flirty play fight, anything for some physical contact. You feigned offence when I teased you but deep down you were laughing. That’s when I knew it was the right time to kiss you.

I remember the moment we kissed, that I didn’t want to stop, you kept telling me you had to go inside but I kept asking for “just one more”. I’m not sure my feet touched the floor as I walked back to the hotel.

I remember the good weather the following day, cold but bright which made our February walk even more romantic. Yes, I remember the kissing and the hand holding and more flirting that day. I remember the coffee and the lunch and I remember going back to your place for the evening.

I remember we barely stopped hugging and kissing. I remember the film and the pizza, propped up on your bed as we wrapped our arms around each other. I remember how the evening went after that. I remember how it started.

I remember sidling up next to you on the bed, that we spooned for a while. Libido got the better of me and I gently started to stroke your buttocks. You found it as agreeable as I did as your pressed it up against my groin and loosened your jeans for my hand to get closer.

I remember how soft and supple your backside and the flesh at the backs of your thighs felt. I remember how silky and warm it felt as I ran my hand along your legs.

I remember climbing under the covers and gently pushing your jeans down and tentatively sliding my hand inside your knickers. I remember massaging your buttocks beneath my firm fingers. We’d already gone further than I assumed we would.

I remember the approving groans as I slid my hand up beneath your sweater and I remember how quickly you removed your top.

I remember drinking in the sight of your body as we slowly shed our clothes, first my top and then yours, bra straps teasingly slid down and over those delicate shoulders to reveal the gentle feminine curves. I have never been a breast man but I remember thinking you had the best boobs I had ever seen.

I remember finally shedding our underwear and pressing our naked bodies together, unable to believe my luck as we began awkwardly grinding against each other, my cock in the cleft between your buttocks, sliding back and forward.

I remember entering you for the first time and the look on your face – that juxtaposition between pain and pleasure as I slid all the way inside you, gently, carefully, and pushed all the way inside.

I remember the nerves and the awkwardness. I remember it didn’t quite work out. I remember how we improvised and both ended up satisfied on the bed afterwards, panting and smiling as we held each other in the post-orgasm glow. I remember thinking you were (and still are) the most beautiful creature I had ever seen.

I remember waking up next you the following morning, our impromptu stay over was as wonderful as it was unexpected.

I remember your work alarm going off, signalling the end of our two-day date. I remember feeling sad because I wanted to stay. But you made it all better again when you rolled over and draped your arm over me.

And finally, I remember telling you I couldn’t wait to see you again.

Tto do this all over again

To feel this anticipation and longing again.

And to feel myself inside you again.


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