I’ve Not Gone Anywhere

Hello, I’m back! First post in about five months, I know. I’ve been through lots of life changes. I’ve moved and now living with my partner. As we set up home together, work got that much busier for me. I’m pleased with all of this but it does mean that some things slipped by the wayside. This little sexy blog of mine was one of those things.

I’m not going anywhere though. I hope in the coming months to offer you a bit more as I settle into my new routine. More erotic writing as I try to get myself back into it. I also want to write more blogs about erotic writing. My post on the alternate terms for penises was very popular and generated some interesting debates and shares. It’s that sort of content I want to offer more of in future. Thanks to everybody who participated by the way! I think there is a great community of erotic writers and I feel I am a minority as a male erotic writer.

I started off writing erotic literature for my girlfriend when we lived apart. She enjoyed it and I started to enjoy writing it. That’s why I decided to write this blog. I lost motivation at times, lost time and inclination but I always missed it. But I feel ready again to come back.

Exciting things ahead!


What did you think?

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