Essential Resources for Erotic Images (Pinned Post)

This thread is a work in progress and will remain pinned; I intend to update it as I go. I invite anyone to share their own copyright free or creative commons image resources for fellow erotic bloggers so we don’t fall into the trap of copyright infringement.


Copyright and the Law

It’s a minefield navigating the legal pathways of using somebody else’s erotic imagery. We often mistakenly think that using an image we found on the internet is fair game because it is on the internet. Many of these images are copyrighted and strictly held by the owner. Some people act altruistically and make their images freely available or attach conditions. If the image does not say that you can freely use it, then do not. One of the biggest misunderstandings is how “free” images on Pinterest are. Unless specified, they are not. You may share to your own board(s) but you may not download to use on your own website, even if you credit.

That said, the following sites have either free to use images or are free to use under certain conditions.

Free Resources: Updates February 2017

Pixabay: Pixabay is probably the first go-to site for most bloggers. It’s very handy for high quality stock images and offers some very high resolutions. Its erotic content has improved dramatically in the last year or so and I’ve downloaded some images I’ve used on the site or for inspiration. The featured image on this blog post is fairly typical of what you will find there. Tame nudes of women and men, artistic nudes mostly. If that is all you want then you can’t go far wrong than Pixabay.

Pexels: The challenger to Pixabay’s crown is this site. At first, it might look as if it has exactly the same images as Pixabay. Dig deeper and make sure you use all possible search terms (sex, sexy, erotic etc) and you’ll find they have some images that do not appear on Pixabay. Like that site, they have largely artistic nudes.

Creative Commons: This is the biggest and best way to get images on the internet and will search all image sites with images you may use. Be careful though because rights with regard to CC images differs from copyright free. Often, you will need to provide a link back to the original source AND a link to the license terms. You also must adhere to the license terms. This may specify that you make modifications. For commercial use, you may be required to remove the actor(s) faces from the images.

Morguefile: There is not a particularly large number of erotic images on there at present, just a few nudes, but it has undergone a revamp recently and has some v high res images. Keep an eye on it as it may expand its sexy range in future. It’s one of the first free image resource sites on the web.

FreeImages: Always worth a look, it has fewer than the others with many “metaphor” images such as a banana made to look like a penis and naked dolls. Not a great selection, but when you really can’t find what you are looking for it’s worth a go.

PublicDomainPictures: Quite a few on here are repeated from Pixabay and Pexels, but you will find some original content not found elsewhere. Most are pretty tame, largely suggestive semi-nudes that would be better for book covers and the like. Nevertheless, it’s a large resource.

PicJumbo: While never likely to be your first go-to site, what it does have is high-quality. Always go here before giving up

Stocksnap: this is always worth a search after you’ve tried the major sites. Most of its stock is similar to Pexels and Pixabay but I did find a few erotic images I didn’t find elsewhere.

This is all I have for now. More will be added as and when.


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