Our Sexual Apotheosis

Almost a year ago, I published a poem called After Sex about those joyous moments following a passionate love-making session. This here is a sort of short follow up, similar in tone. Enjoy Apotheosis!


noun. the highest point in the development of something; a culmination or climax


I feel you on and in me
And me in and on you
As we collapse together
crushing in the totality of our ecstasy.
My sweat drops on your forehead
Your sweat and mine in my chest hair
Prickling and teasing as we cool together
In the combined electricity of the room.
To the slippery essence below
Diamond encrusted wildernesses of hair
Exotic and alive.
And the culmination of our sexual apotheosis
Comes spilling from you, unnoticed
And collecting in a unified pool
In the waves of the sheet below.


Having a sexy time? Please share your thoughts below

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