Sunday Morning and Straddled

I always feel horny at this time of year when the late winter weather hints at the spring to come. I tend to appreciate the weekends even more and nothing is better than waking up to good weather on a Sunday and beginning the day with sex. So, what a perfect time to start writing on this blog again.

I like being straddled and at the mercy of my partner. I don’t like being dominated but I do like it when she takes control and makes it clear what she wants.


Finger of sunlight spread their arms wide through the cracks in the curtains. As I roll over and stretch my body beneath the light duvet, already I feel her stir beside me. ‘Mmm, Sunday,’ she says with a contented sigh.

‘Sunday,’ I repeat as she rolls over and crosses her thigh over both of mine. She slides her leg slowly along my leg and to my waist where she brings it to rest. I can feel the cool and silky-smooth skin of her inside leg against my skin, the top of her thigh just gently teasing me through the cotton fabric of my boxers.

‘Is that morning glory I feel?’ She raises her leg a little further along my body and presses her thigh firmly against my penis through the fabric. It strains beneath the gentle pressure of her skin as she moves her leg back and forth against me.

She leans over and reaches across my body, delicately placing her fingers on my belly. Spreading her hand flat, my lovand slides her hand downwards and beneath the elastic strap of my underwear. Then, teasingly, she pushes down the hem, exposing my fully erect penis. Gingerly, she cups it in her hand, circles her fingers around it and delicately peels back the foreskin to free my glans.

I let out a pleasurable sigh. Encouraged, my love slides my boxers further down my legs. Cool air washes over me, tingling my pubic hair. But the warmth returns quickly as she slides further over, rotating her hips and coming into an upright position. I feel her hot breath on my shoulder and across my chest. Her delicate kisses cross my neck and chin before she pulls away, using the headboard to raise her body over and above me.

I take in the vision of her torso, drinking in the sight of the broad hips, narrow waist and womanly bust that has always driven me wild with lust for her. ‘Well hello cowgirl.’

She offers me the merest hint of a smirk and lowers her body down to press her crotch to mine, resting there for just a moment. I feel my throbbing cock trapped between us, the blood pulses with joint body heat. Keeping her arms outstretched as my love straddles my prone form, she looks at me wth determined wanting – that familiar look that only exists between us – needing and urgent.

Using the bars for stability, she begins to move her body back and forward, rotating her hips slowly and deliberately with almost scientific precision. I feel the warm and soft cottton of her knickers sliding carefully along my shaft, they are already wet with the juices of you.

That growing moistness, seeping onto me, aiding the careful sliding motions and fuelling the urgency fuels my wanting and need of you. I reach for her hips, pulling her to me, squeezing my cock deep inside the cleft between her thighs. My cock presses in, aching against the cotton-covered lips of her pussy. She gasps and drives ever down towards me. That gasp tells me my love wants and aches for me.

I reach for her waist and begin tugging at her knickers, trying to move away the crotch but not wanting to break the momentum of our rhythm. She pushes my hand away. ‘No!’ she exclaims between gasps and stops moving to press her hips firmly against me.

My cock aches, hair soaked through with the wetness of her, bulging between two bodies. My love releases, allowing me a momentary respite from the intense wanting. I feel my orgasm rise and then subside as she withdraws, each time the stroke more intense than the last.

Then, the point of no return – we can both feel it. Muscles tense, my core prepares for the explosions in head and body. I feel myself rise towards ecstasy.

And then it comes, that shooting pleasure as my cock empties itself. It spills onto both of us, seeping from me and into the hair of my lower belly, collecting in a pool just above my navel. A single long, white streak drips the length of her knickers, oozing downwards towards her crotch to mix with her own juices.

I feel her breath subside as my body relaxes in the fullness of orgasm. Slowly, she lowers her body down to face me, kissing me full on the lips, down my chin and to my neck. As my orgasm subsides, my love slinks off of my body and curls up next to my exhasuted, sweating form lying prone on the bed. I let out a long and thankful sigh as she kisses along the length of my chest, groaning in the pleasure of my pleasure.

‘I’ll give you a few minutes to rest and then it’s my turn,’ she purrs, removing her knickers.


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