I Wasn’t Asleep Last Night When You…

My love, I have a confession:

I wasn’t asleep last night though I gave you every reason to believe I was. I felt you roll over and gently touch my leg. I felt my heart skip a beat as your soft and delicate fingers wrapped around my thigh.

I gave a small grunt and turned towards you but you withdrew immediately. I wish I’d told you then that I was awake but that might have spoilt what came next. Slowly, you rolled over onto your back and gently slid your right hand, palm down, back across my thigh. You slid it towards me with such caution, carefully probing across the top, tickling my hairs before coming to rest on the soft vulnerable spot of the inside of my thigh, the bit where you know I like being stroked.

I let out a gasp but I don’t think you noticed. You did notice the slight rise in my erection and gently stroked it with the tip of your finger. Naturally, it reacted to your touch as it always does – with eagerness. I heard you take a deep breath and let out a small moan. That’s when I realised what you were doing.

I feel your body arch on the bed next to me. The low light now aching to break into the room revealed the contours of your prone body, the duvet only half covering you in the late winter moments before sunrise, exposing the thigh and the delicate sweeping curve of  your calf below. I wanted to reach out but didn’t want to spoil the moment. I continued to watch your torso rise with the movement and your back arch, mouth open and eyes clasped shut in the ecstasy of the moment.

I wished again I told you I was awake but I didn’t want to put you off. I wanted to watch you in the unbridled rawness of your self-pleasure. I ached. I wanted. I longed for you then, but still I watched. Nor did I react when your free hand circled my cock with all the gentleness and teasing you reserve for our love. Except then there was no desire for anything except ensuring I remained sleeping while you took your pleasure in this private and intimate moment.

Your hand released my cock and moved back to the inside of my thigh, cautiously stroking along its length from knee to crotch. When you reached the top and accidentally brushed my testicle, you let out another gasp, a second and a third. The movement beneath the duvet became rapid and urgent, your muted gasps aching for release. They peaked in a glorious long and low groan… and released. I heard you mutter my name once, twice and three times before subsiding into calm. With a pleasurable sigh you rolled over onto your back. Within moments you were asleep again.

Oh and my love, I have but one final request.

You made me very fucking horny and my erection did not subside for at least half an hour. Do you know what that does to a guy?! Wake me up next time, please x

Weekly Erotic Tales 2017


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