That Spring Libido Surge – Oh My!

Spring is sexy. It’s vibrant and exciting, energetic and relaxing at the same time and makes us feel good to be alive. My libido goes through the roof at this time of the year. I feel hornier and more often than in winter and it will not subside until high summer. Not that I stop feeling it then, I just tend to lose the “always on” feeling of spring.

spring is sexy

Spring is here, my darling
Put away the winter woolies and
Roll up next to me in bed
I want to feel your body next to me and you
Nuzzling my neck as the sun bursts
Gloriously through the windows
I want to lie awake on Sundays listening to the
Sounds of the birds chirping with your
Head on my chest as our naked bodies
Entwine beneath thin duvet
Revelling in warmer nights and longer days
Evenings of unbridled passion and sleeping nude
Later, let’s go for a drive along the coast, taking in the
Environment of colours, sounds and smells of new life
Tempt me with low cut tops and shorts
Show off your delicate curved shoulders and the
Freckles sprinkled across them. You know they drive me
Uncontrollably wild for you. I can’t help how I feel and
Can’t help what spring does for my libido so
Kiss me now, passionately and see where this leads?
(If you’re reading this on the WP reader, read the first letter in each line. If you’re reading from the web page, read the blue letters)


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