Best Friday Morning Ever

This is how you left me this morning: Walking funny with rod of iron and cum still oozing from my shaft. It was all over my brand new boxers. You little tease! You started this before I was even awake.

You grabbed my hand, half asleep, and put it straight on your crotch. Nothing wakes me up faster than that, not even double-strength coffee I usually drink on a Monday. When I felt myself rise to full morning glory, it was all systems go and ready for action. I begged to cum inside you, to feel the warm, soft envelope of your pussy and the final spurt of unbridled ecstasy. Just to wake me up, like and get the day off to a good start.

But no. “I have to go to work!” you said, “I can’t get undressed now!’ And when the fireworks exploded in my head and my seed erupted inside my underwear, that’s when you got up and told me you were going to miss your train. Pah! You left me to clear up the mess and take a cold shower to cool down. But I was too blissed out to care. Happy Friday, babe! Same again next week?


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