Did I Tell you About Miss Multiple?

The first wave comes,
That sudden thrust,
Of pressure and release.
My back arches,
My body contorts,
And then my breath explodes,
Along with my cock.
I feel the cum flush from me,

And see it spurt upwards,
Taken by gravity,
To cover your hand,
While you grip and massage tenderly.
But I am not spent.

And so begins the subsidence,
But no… body lurches again,
And with it the second peak,
That unicorn, that pot of gold,
The fabled male multiple orgasm.
It hits me not like a release,
But like a sonic boom,
It passes through me like wildfire,
Uncontrolled and unbridled,
Heat rises to my face,
And bursts through my skin,
Lungs stretched to capacity,
And released, in a moment.

I am exhausted,
As the fluid drains from me,
Spilling once again,
Over your loving grip,
And pooling on my belly.
My body begins to shake,
Going limp like a rag doll,
As a feeling of euphoria,
Sweeps from inside,
To burst everywhere at once,
Like a billion stars,
Just birthed in my head,
Now I am spent.

Thank you Miss Multiple!
Copyright Get WET 2017


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