I am a writer, 42 years old, male. I sometimes dabble in erotic writing and this is where I share that work. If you are here looking for BDSM or yet another cheap 50 Shades of Grey rip off, you will be disappointed. My tastes are “vanilla” by most standards. I write for myself and my girlfriend, mostly. But if others like it too then the more the merrier!


To keep my mainstream writing separate from my erotic exploration, I write anonymously here. I may self-publish work reflecting this side of my creativity in future, or I may not. I have yet to decide and much to think about along with my other commitments.

For now, I intend (hope) to post one piece of erotic writing every week: flash fiction, short stories, single scenes, poetry and anything else. As I grow into the subject, I’ll most likely write non-fiction offering tips, book reviews and call for advice.

Come back every Sunday for another Weekly Erotic Tale. Welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay!

4 thoughts on “About Get WET Blog

  1. “My tastes are vanilla and heterosexual but no less intense for it and certainly not run of the mill.”

    I hear that. My tastes run the gamut of thoroughly debauched and BDSM all the way to spicy vanilla. It’s about the who, mostly, rather than the what. (Not that the what doesn’t have its place.)

    Like the blog, I’ll be back.


  2. “BDSM is the new I swallow” ~ me. Whoever began using “vanilla” for sex that doesn’t involve binding, subjugation or pain should be slapped soundly. Wait. Irony! 😉


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