About Get WET Blog

I am a male in my early 40s. I sometimes dabble in erotic writing and this is where I share that work anonymously. I write for myself and my girlfriend, mostly and to practice my own erotic writing style. I write when I’m horny and I write when I feel like it. If others like my musings too then the more the merrier!


Will I ever self-publish my own erotic writing? At August 2017, I have yet to decide whether this is a route down which I want to travel. At the moment I am having fun with it and that’s all that matters.  For now, I intend (hope) to post one piece of erotic writing every week, most weeks: flash fiction, short stories, single scenes, poetry and vignettes. Every so often I’ll post a discussion piece about erotic writing and ask for feedback and discussion. I would love it if you got involved too.

Erotic Writing Discussion Pieces

Penises! The best and worst bywords for male genitals highlighting some of my favourite and least favourite bywords for the sexual organs of the male half of the human race

Fantasy vs Reality in erotic writing: what do you write? Do you write about what you’ve done, what you’d like to do, or is your erotic writing pure fantasy?


4 thoughts on “About Get WET Blog

  1. “My tastes are vanilla and heterosexual but no less intense for it and certainly not run of the mill.”

    I hear that. My tastes run the gamut of thoroughly debauched and BDSM all the way to spicy vanilla. It’s about the who, mostly, rather than the what. (Not that the what doesn’t have its place.)

    Like the blog, I’ll be back.


  2. “BDSM is the new I swallow” ~ me. Whoever began using “vanilla” for sex that doesn’t involve binding, subjugation or pain should be slapped soundly. Wait. Irony! 😉


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