The Bridesmaid Part 3 (CONCLUSION) NSFW

I climbed on top of her and we began kissing again – probing, delicate, small kisses along each other’s mouths and chins. I stroked her face, the back of her neck and run my fingers along the smooth curves of her shoulders. I liked feeling her soft lips against my skin; it made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. At one point she stopped to ask me if I liked what she was doing and I replied in the affirmative. Continue reading “The Bridesmaid Part 3 (CONCLUSION) NSFW”


The Bridesmaid Part 2

She instinctively pulled the hem down as the barman approached and asked if she wanted another drink. She waved him away with a polite “no thanks”.

‘Hello again,’ I said, sidling up next to her and sitting on the bar stool next to her. She hadn’t heard me approach but blushed again when she spotted me, turning towards me and presenting the full view of the stretched thigh. I leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek in greeting. She responded in kind; I caught a scent of a sweet and delicate perfume. Continue reading “The Bridesmaid Part 2”

The Bridesmaid Part 1

Now, I’ve never been one for chasing the bridesmaids at a wedding for the hope of a quick fuck, but let me tell you about the time that actually happened to me. I was invited to the evening reception of some old university friends. The happy couple were pleased to see me; it had been a few years. But I felt proud and honoured to have been invited at all. Continue reading “The Bridesmaid Part 1”

Pre-Breakfast Fooling Around Part 2 (NSFW)

We arranged to meet the same friends for breakfast the next week. When Saturday morning came around, I woke early thanks to some chirping birds that just wouldn’t shut up. I left her sleeping soundly and went straight into the shower. Continue reading “Pre-Breakfast Fooling Around Part 2 (NSFW)”

Pre-Breakfast Fooling Around (NSFW)

‘I’m going to cum!’ I blurted, letting out a breath as I felt my orgasm begin to rise.

We lie on the bed together, curtains closed to the morning sun, naked and sweating. She stopped stroking my penis for the briefest of seconds and grabbed the black lacy knickers from beside her. Then she placed the knickers over my cock, wrapping its patterned fabric over and around the glans, holding it with the gentlest of touches. Continue reading “Pre-Breakfast Fooling Around (NSFW)”

The Girl on the Bed

The girl on the bed smiled at me knowingly and bunched the sheet tightly to her chest. Waves of cotton cascaded along the length of her body, covering and concealing her nakedness. Strategically positioned or sheer accident, the pure whiteness merely hinted at the bare flesh beneath.

Continue reading “The Girl on the Bed”

I Wasn’t Asleep Last Night When You…

My love, I have a confession:

I wasn’t asleep last night though I gave you every reason to believe I was. I felt you roll over and gently touch my leg. I felt my heart skip a beat as your soft and delicate fingers wrapped around my thigh. Continue reading “I Wasn’t Asleep Last Night When You…”