The Butterflies Won’t Go (Haiku)

This is the first time in a long time I’ve actually posted a weekly erotic tale! Let’s hope I can keep it up.

The anticipation of seeing your object of desire stirs up physical feelings that we just can’t control. The butterflies feeling is wonderful, but it’s also painfully crushing. Science tells us it’s part of the natural flight or flight response to something that is a threat. Continue reading “The Butterflies Won’t Go (Haiku)”


Did I Tell you About Miss Multiple?

The first wave comes,
That sudden thrust,
Of pressure and release.
My back arches,
My body contorts,
And then my breath explodes,
Along with my cock.
I feel the cum flush from me,

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I really ought to change the name of this blog from Weekly Erotic Tales to Quarterly Erotic Tales. So sorry for being rubbish at keeping up with this blog. I hope you can all forgive me? Tell you what, leave lots of comments on this post and others. Maybe that will inspire me to write more often…? Worth a shot I suppose 😉 Anyway, this is a short poem that needs no real explanation. Enjoy! Continue reading “Deposited”

Our Sexual Apotheosis

Almost a year ago, I published a poem called After Sex about those joyous moments following a passionate love-making session. This here is a sort of short follow up, similar in tone. Enjoy Apotheosis!


noun. the highest point in the development of something; a culmination or climax Continue reading “Our Sexual Apotheosis”