Farewell to Summer: I Want to Go Down to the Beach Again (NSFW)

Summer is nearly gone; autumn is almost upon us. Summer is full of wonderful memories every year of long nights sipping wine on the balcony watching the sunset… and beaches. Everybody loves a beach for many different reasons, but it’s an ultimate destination for relaxation. Continue reading “Farewell to Summer: I Want to Go Down to the Beach Again (NSFW)”


Best Friday Morning Ever

This is how you left me this morning: Walking funny with rod of iron and cum still oozing from my shaft. It was all over my brand new boxers. You little tease! You started this before I was even awake. Continue reading “Best Friday Morning Ever”

I Remember When We…

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! This is a vignette looking back to my second date with my girlfriend which occurred roughly this week, but several years back. The memories of what passed between us that weekend will stay with me forever, it brings a smile to my face now. Continue reading “I Remember When We…”

Date One

My girlfriend and I are about to celebrate our second anniversary with a mini break. I always look back with fondness to the day we met. It was a happy time and a happy day. Anyone looking for sordid details of first date sex will be sorely disappointed. This is about noticing everything about someone on the first date and the fantasies of what might come later. Continue reading “Date One”

Unbutton My Jeans Slowly…

The anticipation of sex is highly arousing. I’ve said before that I like to be teased and have my senses aroused, especially touch. I love the anticipation and the build up; there is nothing that gets me hotter. This is about the simple action of having my jeans unbuttoned. Continue reading “Unbutton My Jeans Slowly…”

Before You Were Mine

You know how it feels when you first meet someone when that attraction is repelled by caution – caution for what they might really be like and caution for not wanting to come on too heavy. Yet you can’t help thinking about what it might be like to be physical with this person. I’m not really talking about chemistry, not even about lust, but the overtime of fantasies of potential intimate encounters with this person long before it is even on the cards. Continue reading “Before You Were Mine”