Subliminal Messages (NSFW) #2

Well, I guess I should try.
Exactly five minutes from now
Sometime after the first glass
Here in this room
On the sofa
Under the dim light of winter.
Loving the chemistry between us
Diligently waiting
Feels right, doesn’t it?
Under the spell of mutual attraction
Cuddling here, our faces close together. Just waiting to
Kiss you, and maybe more, if things seem right



Subliminal Messages (NSFW) #1

I guess you know what I’m thinking, and I know what I
want to say. Tragic how the onus is nearly always on the man
to take that first tentative risk – to reach out when the time is right.
, it’s not always easy to judge the right moment. If I scare
off when discussing “it” this early, I’ve probably lost my chance. This is the
truth I am presenting to you now. ❤


Farewell to Summer: I Want to Go Down to the Beach Again (NSFW)

Summer is nearly gone; autumn is almost upon us. Summer is full of wonderful memories every year of long nights sipping wine on the balcony watching the sunset… and beaches. Everybody loves a beach for many different reasons, but it’s an ultimate destination for relaxation. Continue reading “Farewell to Summer: I Want to Go Down to the Beach Again (NSFW)”

I Remember When We…

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! This is a vignette looking back to my second date with my girlfriend which occurred roughly this week, but several years back. The memories of what passed between us that weekend will stay with me forever, it brings a smile to my face now. Continue reading “I Remember When We…”