I’ve Not Gone Anywhere

Hello, I’m back! First post in about five months, I know. I’ve been through lots of life changes. I’ve moved and now living with my partner. As we set up home together, work got that much busier for me. I’m pleased with all of this but it does mean that some things slipped by the wayside. This little sexy blog of mine was one of those things. Continue reading “I’ve Not Gone Anywhere”

Penises! The Best and Worst Bywords for Erotic Writing

I’ve faced, as I am sure you all have, frustration and near-angst over how to refer to genitalia. There are so many words to choose from but so few that feel appropriate most of the time. You would think with so much choice that we wouldn’t struggle with this. This post is about male genitals, but I do intend to do a similar post on female genitals in future too. Continue reading “Penises! The Best and Worst Bywords for Erotic Writing”