Our Sexual Apotheosis

Almost a year ago, I published a poem called After Sex about those joyous moments following a passionate love-making session. This here is a sort of short follow up, similar in tone. Enjoy Apotheosis!


noun. the highest point in the development of something; a culmination or climax Continue reading “Our Sexual Apotheosis”

Essential Resources for Erotic Images

This thread is a work in progress and will remain pinned; I intend to update it as I go. I invite anyone to share their own copyright free or creative commons image resources for fellow erotic bloggers so we don’t fall into the trap of copyright infringement. Continue reading “Essential Resources for Erotic Images”

I’ve Not Gone Anywhere

Hello, I’m back! First post in about five months, I know. I’ve been through lots of life changes. I’ve moved and now living with my partner. As we set up home together, work got that much busier for me. I’m pleased with all of this but it does mean that some things slipped by the wayside. This little sexy blog of mine was one of those things. Continue reading “I’ve Not Gone Anywhere”