Did I Tell you About Miss Multiple?

The first wave comes,
That sudden thrust,
Of pressure and release.
My back arches,
My body contorts,
And then my breath explodes,
Along with my cock.
I feel the cum flush from me,

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Following on from last week, here is a second anniversary poem. Very different in tone from the last one and I hope you enjoy it just as much. We’ve finished our meal and back in the hotel room. Continue reading “Intima-versary”

Anniversary: A Poem of Love & Lust

An anniversary, any anniversary, is a time for celebration of the love and desire that exists between two people. My girlfriend and I are about to celebrate another; we’re going away for a few nights to celebrate the day when she first caught my heart. Continue reading “Anniversary: A Poem of Love & Lust”

When The Clock Goes Back (Erotic Tanka)

We’re now officially into autumn-winter time here in England. That means it’ll be dark from around 5PM and about 4-5 weeks from now, it will be dark until around 7:30AM. It’s getting colder, wetter and darker. An excuse to cuddle up to the one you love to keep warm, right? 😉 Continue reading “When The Clock Goes Back (Erotic Tanka)”

You are the Ocean

Maybe it’s just me, but the natural, naked curve of a woman’s body has a lot in common with the sea, the soft angles and graceful movements are a powerful simile, especially to somebody who finds the ocean incredibly erotic – perhaps that’s why. Continue reading “You are the Ocean”

Miss You Texts (Erotic Tanka)

Direct and to the point. Sometimes you just want to tell it like it is, especially when you’ve had time apart. I was introduced to tanka (another form of Japanese poetry) by fellow erotic writer whose blog has now sadly disappeared. I am having fun playing around with the format myself. Continue reading “Miss You Texts (Erotic Tanka)”