Miss You Texts (Erotic Tanka)

Direct and to the point. Sometimes you just want to tell it like it is, especially when you’ve had time apart. I was introduced to tanka (another form of Japanese poetry) by fellow erotic writer whose blog has now sadly disappeared. I am having fun playing around with the format myself. Continue reading “Miss You Texts (Erotic Tanka)”


Summer Passion (Erotic Haiku)

This time of year makes me very frisky indeed. Enjoy this short erotic haiku ­čÖé Continue reading “Summer Passion (Erotic Haiku)”

The Storm

Some people feel scared in stormy weather, others feel an adrenaline rush at the excitement. Me? I just feel horny. Very horny and this time of year is ideal for spring/summer storms in the UK. The way the rain pounds, the wind billows, those crashes of thunder, the electricity in the air. Last year, I really couldn’t contain myself and sent lots of naked selfies to my girlfriend. We live apart so I had to let me libido subside or indulge in self-service for those few days. This is a poem about┬áthe sexiness of storms.
Continue reading “The Storm”

Your Scent is On My Pillow

Long distance relationships give us a hunger that people who live close together will rarely know. You can’t simply drive over to see them or arrange to meet in town. Skype is the backbone of your relationship. That hunger for┬áthem, for their every touch, their kisses, the scent of them – it becomes intense, a longing when you are apart. This poem is about the first night after you part when you are surrounded by reminders of that person. Continue reading “Your Scent is On My Pillow”

When Sex Feels Illicit

No matter how old you are, whether 16 or 60, there are times that sex can feel illicit, naughty and just a little bit exciting. This is a poem about those occasions.

There are times,
When sex between even a long-term couple feels illicit.
Like staying on a campsite in high season, surrounded by tents, Continue reading “When Sex Feels Illicit”