A First Date Idealised Part 2

Hi, did you get back ok? xxx

Yes! not that long ago 🙂
How was your drive? xx

Good, thanks. I’m now
enjoying a curry I got from
the takeaway. Thought I
would treat myself
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A First Date Idealised Part 1

‘I would like to see you again,’ I stated firmly, taking a sip of my coffee. There, I did it. My cards are firmly on the table as we waited in the bustling cafe of the railway station. We’d ordered two coffees and snatched the only table available. It was near the counter and on the major footway from the entrance to the toilet, so it wasn’t ideal. It was less than cosy but the Christmas Tree with its flashing lights – surprisingly ungaudy – added to the atmosphere. Continue reading “A First Date Idealised Part 1”

Sunday Morning and Straddled

I always feel horny at this time of year when the late winter weather hints at the spring to come. I tend to appreciate the weekends even more and nothing is better than waking up to good weather on a Sunday and beginning the day with sex. So, what a perfect time to start writing on this blog again.

I like being straddled and at the mercy of my partner. I don’t like being dominated but I do like it when she takes control and makes it clear what she wants. Continue reading “Sunday Morning and Straddled”