Subliminal Messages (NSFW) #2

Well, I guess I should try.
Exactly five minutes from now
Sometime after the first glass
Here in this room
On the sofa
Under the dim light of winter.
Loving the chemistry between us
Diligently waiting
Feels right, doesn’t it?
Under the spell of mutual attraction
Cuddling here, our faces close together. Just waiting to
Kiss you, and maybe more, if things seem right



Subliminal Messages (NSFW) #1

I guess you know what I’m thinking, and I know what I
want to say. Tragic how the onus is nearly always on the man
to take that first tentative risk – to reach out when the time is right.
, it’s not always easy to judge the right moment. If I scare
off when discussing “it” this early, I’ve probably lost my chance. This is the
truth I am presenting to you now. ❤


Christmas is Cumming #3 (finale): Dessert

We finished our morning of passion and went to have breakfast with the visitors. That Christmas Day progressed pretty much as expected and my mid-afternoon following a sumptuous feast, we were all ready for the obligatory afternoon nap. Not us two, though. Before eating some Christmas Pudding, we decided to slip away for some other dessert. Continue reading “Christmas is Cumming #3 (finale): Dessert”

Christmas is Cumming #2: Couple Interrupted

Damn it! I thought. Here we were about to get our rocks in, and as already mentioned her erect nipple with mouth-wateringly close to my mouth. At the other end, she knelt on all fours slowly lowering herself towards me. My cock and her pussy lips were within aching reach. I was so hard, I could feel the blood pumping.

Continue reading “Christmas is Cumming #2: Couple Interrupted”

Christmas is Cumming #1: Something Christmassy This Way Cums

The radio came on and I startled into wakefulness and I look over at my lady love. Why isn’t she at work, is it the weekend? Oh yes, it’s Christmas Day! That explains why Slade is on the radio. I raised my hand to my forehead and wiped my eyes. She was lying there with her back to me, wearing a pair of comfy PJs. It was cold last night which is unusual for this part of the world. Continue reading “Christmas is Cumming #1: Something Christmassy This Way Cums”

Miserable Monday Morning With a Smile

Oh my, has it really been over a year since I published anything here? Yes, I do believe it is. 2018 has been a difficult year in many ways. Both my and my partner’s libido has been on the ebb for various reasons but we’re slowly getting back our sexy time. This is something I knocked together after a rather nice dream I had. Continue reading “Miserable Monday Morning With a Smile”