I was nervous at the first sex scene I ever wrote for my girlfriend. We hadn’t been together long and I had barely written any sex scenes, let alone any with us as the starring couple. This is a shorter version of the scene I sent her. Enjoy this for your extended Bank Holiday Weekend! Continue reading “Entwined”


Show Me Your Flaws (Don’t Hide Them)

We all have things about our bodies that we think are unattractive, things we’d rather hide and cover up because we think when a new partner sees us naked for the first time it would put them off. This is a short piece about why my eyes are different from yours. Continue reading “Show Me Your Flaws (Don’t Hide Them)”

When Sex Feels Illicit

No matter how old you are, whether 16 or 60, there are times that sex can feel illicit, naughty and just a little bit exciting. This is a poem about those occasions.

There are times,
When sex between even a long-term couple feels illicit.
Like staying on a campsite in high season, surrounded by tents, Continue reading “When Sex Feels Illicit”