Introducing Miss Spring (NSFW)

I’ve asked myself on more than one occasion as an erotic writer, if spring was a woman, what would she be like?

Miss Spring Has Boundless Energy and a Voracious Appetite

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The Storm

Some people feel scared in stormy weather, others feel an adrenaline rush at the excitement. Me? I just feel horny. Very horny and this time of year is ideal for spring/summer storms in the UK. The way the rain pounds, the wind billows, those crashes of thunder, the electricity in the air. Last year, I really couldn’t contain myself and sent lots of naked selfies to my girlfriend. We live apart so I had to let me libido subside or indulge in self-service for those few days. This is a poem about the sexiness of storms.
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Your Mouth All Over Me

There’s something highly erotic about a woman who knows how to use her mouth on a man’s body and is enthusiastic about pleasuring him. Personally, I am at your mercy when your mouth is on me. I turn into a quivering wreck.

Run your kisses across my belly and I am yours. The feeling of the soft, warm moistness of your mouth on my skin is enough to elicit gasps of satisfaction. Use your tongue to explore the crevice of my belly button and watch my knees go weak.  Tease me with your lips and mouth on my lower belly, just above my pubic hair. Feel my abdomen spasm and hear my gasps but don’t stop. Continue reading “Your Mouth All Over Me”